Covid-19 and Smoking

Am I at greater risk from Covid-19 if I smoke and how? Yes, Coronavirus attacks the lungs and respiratory system. If you smoke, you are more vulnerable to serious infection with coronavirus because the lungs are already weakened. We have small brush like hairs in the airways called Cilia which move mucous, inhaled debris and

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No Butts Just Quit

It is never too late to quit and now is the time. You may have tried before, and maybe you didn’t succeed, but don’t give up! According to recent research you are three times more likely to stop smoking if you get help. Even brief advice increases quit rates, for example, even a 3-minute conversation

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Smoking Causes House Fires

It is estimated that Redbridge Fire Brigade will attend 14 smoking-related house fires each year in Redbridge, costing the borough £1.9M. Fatalities are disproportionally high in smoking related fires, making up 49% of all house fire deaths. Careless disposal of cigarettes is the single biggest killer in house fires and totally avoidable. Here is the

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Support and motivation. Quit smoking completely within 12 weeks
Kevan - 04/03/2019
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