Client motivated to stop smoking due to the Covid19 risk

Age of client: 29

How long they have smoked for: 10 – 15 years

Number of past quit attempts: 3

Patient decided to give up smoking as she has lost her sense of smell and taste and was getting worried that smoking was contributing to this. Also patient concerned about covid and the impact of covid on a smoker. The GP requested that she stops smoking for not only for losing her sense of smell and taste but also her overall health. Patient wants to be a good role model for her young children.

Having heard some positive feedback from a family member regarding the mouth spray and how they quit smoking with the help of the NRT as well as an advisor she decided to try it for herself.

The patient was very thankful for the support she received from the stop smoking service. She tried to quit previously on her own but found it difficult to motivate herself. She stated that with the support of the practitioner makes her feel motivated and she is accountable for her actions and that is what encourages her to stay smoke free. Also patient is under a lot of stress due to having to live away from home because of covid. Patient also stated that the service being a telephone service really helped her as she has small children and is not able to commit to going to clinics. By doing telephone appointments she has been able to attend every appointment.

Medication used: Mouth spray

How long they have been smoke-free: 4 weeks

The Benefits so far: Sense of smell and taste coming back. Patient stated that she does not get out of breath that easily anymore and has a lot more energy than before. She has also saved money as she has not brought any cigarettes and is pleased with her progress so far.

Patient was very surprised and pleased that she was able to stop smoking this time as she has not previously been successful.

Being in hospital has made me more self-aware and health conscious; it has got me thinking more about my health and making better long term choices, so I have given up smoking.
In partnership with Hallam Street Hospital at BCPFT NHS Trust
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