Case study – Smoke free pregnancy

Age of Client: 33

Why they decided to give-up smoking: “the pregnancy pushed me to quit”

Past attempts:I tried to stop in the past, but I was not motivated to do this. ” 

What made them contact the service:My midwife helped me with the referral and my GP mentioned that there is services available.”

Experience of the service: “the NRT I used, and the attention given from my advisor was very helpful, I couldn’t have done it if she didn’t call me each week”

Medication used: 15mg patches and inhalator

How long they have been smoke free: 6 weeks

This patient stopped smoking in November 2020, having been a smoker for 15 years. She signed up to the stop smoking service through the support from her midwife.  She was really worried about her addiction and she wanted to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby and this kept her going each week. The patient stopped smoking 2 weeks after she was contacted by her advisor. “the products I have used helped me a lot through the quit attempt.”

Since giving up smoking 6 weeks ago, she has already noticed some positive changes in her life. She reports that she is breathing better and feels very determined that she will remain smoke free after her pregnancy too!

The patient used Nicotine Replacement Therapy during her quit attempt, and this was very effective for her.

She wanted to share her story as she has had a great experience with the stop smoking service and is very thankful for the support from her advisor!

I have learned the importance of never smoking again. That it is never too late to give up!. The course works really well I had a lot of support and succeeded.
Alan - 10/10/2018
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