Case Study – 30 year smoker shares the benefits she has seen from being smoke free

Age of Client: 53

Why they decided to give-up smoking: Improve her health

Past attempts: Patient has tried to stop smoking using Champix before but she has always ended up smoking again.

What made them contact the service: Patient contact the service for support due to COVID-19 and she was worried about her health.  

Experience of the service: “My experience with the service has been absolutely excellent, I missed a few appointments but you guys persisted and continue to call me.

Non-judgemental and efficient staff : “My letters were always sent on time to the pharmacy. I would have liked to be co monitored but with covid hitting that was prevented!”

Medication used: Champix

How long they have been smoke free: 10 weeks

Benefits they have seen so far:

  • My breathing is so much better, I suffer from asthma but i do not need to use my blue inhaler anymore.
  • I have stopped having sweet food.
  • I can walk longer distances and recently I walked in Hampstead Heath.
  • It has been very good overall, and my house does not smell anymore

I would say 5-star service, please let me know if you have a text message system for feedback! It has been an incredible experience and please feel free to include my name on the case study!

Anuradha stopped smoking in September 2020, she was a smoker for over 30 years. Anuradha signed up to the stop smoking service to get some support because she was worried about Covid-19.

Since giving up smoking 10 weeks ago, Anuradha has already noticed some positive changes in her personal life. She can walk longer distances and this is important for her exercise purposes! She has also noticed that her house does not smell of cigarette smoke anymore.

The patient used Champix during her quit attempt and this was very effective for her. Anuradha has had a great experience with the stop smoking service and would rate the service five stars!

Support and motivation. Quit smoking completely within 12 weeks
Kevan - 04/03/2019
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