Young People and Smoking

People start smoking for many different reasons. Some people start because they’re curious, because their mates smoke, or they’re bored. Others think it will help them look more attractive, fit in with their friends or that it will help them get through rough times.

No one smokes their first cigarette thinking that they’ll become a smoker but before they know it, they’re addicted. Some people can get addicted from as little as one or two cigarettes. And even though smoking is expensive, makes you smell bad, gives you premature wrinkles, stains your teeth and can shorten your life, it’s hard to give up.

Giving up can be tough. But it isn’t impossible. There are a number of ways to quit, depending on your smoking. If you would like more advice on giving up smoking take our assessment.

It has been one to one and Nikki has made me feel at ease. I have not smoked for 3 months
Linda - 21/02/2019
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